25 June 2011

My First Post!

So the whole point of this blog was that I have a lot of time on my hands but not enough people to complain to about it. I'm joking... but in a way its true. I have a goal. That goal is to cut down our family's spending. It is kind of a necessity right now. I'm not going to into detail and bore you but an emergency came up and now everything is blowing up in our faces like a "big bomb" of your broke crap. Right now we are a one income family. It will stay this way until all the kids start school full-time because my husband is in the army. If you know anything about army life you know that nothing is concert. There is no magic, "oh this is the time my husband gets off work", or "oh my husband works these days on these hours".  Unfortunately for us, it is easier now for me to stay home until we know what hours I can actually work without losing my job every couple months. Anyway, back to the point. I am trying to stock-pile money away and I'm going to let you laugh at me while I do it by telling you exactly what is working and what isn't. My goal here is to be cheap and I mean ULTRA cheap. On top of all that I LOVE to cook and find great recipes online (it is kind of my hobby!) so any amazing cheap meals I find I'll show you and break down the costs. I'm going to try making whatever I can from detergents and cleaners to anything else I can find to cut costs. If you have suggestions for me I'd love to hear them! If anything comes about from this I'd love to just make this a place to vent and find help you figure out how save a little money too. :)


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