07 August 2011

Cheap, yummy, low-fat, HOMEMADE potato chips!

Sorry I haven't done made any cleaner recipes in the last few days but my hubby has had the car and has been busy helping some friends move and I was supply-less. Instead today I decided to share with you my favorite recipe for making your own potato chips. All you need is a micro-wave, either olive oil or cooking spray, a potato, a potato peeler and whatever you would like to season them with.
Peel your potato and choose which you would like to use, either cooking spray which will keep your chips low fat or olive oil. Which ever you choose spray or spread generously on the plate (micro-wave safe only).
Once you have the plate coated peel the potato on the broad side like this:
Place all the pieces you peel flat down on the plate and make sure they don't touch. It is ok if they touch a little bit but when they are done you will have to break them apart from each other. This is what your plate should look like:
Spray or sprinkle olive oil on the top of the potato pieces and whatever you choose to season them with. I used olive oil spray and salt.
Once done stick the plate in the mirco-wave for 5 minutes.
Let them cook the entire 5 minutes and when they are done they should look like this:
Continue this process until you use the entire potato. Eventually it will get harder to cut the potato so I flip it to the side and start doing a "shoe string" type cut like this:
I then lay them together in a weave like pattern just because I'm a weirdo, want to use my entire potato and I wanted to make one big super chip.
One large potato when done fills a normal sized bowl with chips.  I had to do this process about 4 times.

FINAL RESULT: If your like me and living on a tight budget "snacks" are not essential and you end up baking a lot of cookies, cakes, brownie ect. Chips happen to be my FAVORITE junk food so this for me is well worth the time it takes to make them. They are very easy and prep to get them on the plate each time is about a minute, its just waiting the five minutes for them to cook. They are DELICIOUS!!! My husband loved them. In fact, I bugged the crap out of him with the camera while he was eating them. He said they taste like pringles to him and that he prefers them over regular chips. With this recipe not only do you get to make them to the way you want them to taste you are knowing and controlling every calorie going into them. Each spray of olive oil is about 5 cal and one potato is about between 77 calories to 258 calories depending on the type and size of potato your using. Also, what I like about this recipe is that once they are gone they are gone and you did not accidentally eat an entire bag of chips. :)

1-5 lb bag of potatoes: 4.99, I only used one. about .33 cents per potato.
1 can of store brand fat free olive oil spray: 3.99. I can't say how much I used but lets estimate for the heck of it 1/8th of the can. 0.15 cents
Total cost: .48 cents for some very natural fat free chips that taste ultra yummy. :)

ANNNDDDD just for your amusement here is my husband being a creeper over my chips which he loves.


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