05 August 2011

The Lonely Sock Club...

I am SO tired of finding socks without a match around here that lately I've been using them in replacement of other things. They literally have their own basket! Because of this I figured there must be a lot more uses out there and after a little research these are the most interesting uses I've found for those annoying extra socks. I already use socks for cleaning. They are great to put on your hand to scrub down tubs, sinks, table-tops, fan blades, blinds anything that needs dusting and when your done you can wash them and use them over again. Why bother buying special cleaning towels and scrubbers?

*What about putting your bars of soap in a sock and using that as a scrubber? The life of a sock as a body scrubber would last much longer than a loofa.

*You can also turn them into kitchen scrubbers. Start by folding a sock into a square. Next, take one of those mesh bags oranges come in and cut a square big enough for the one side. Top stitch the two squares together. Instant cheap scrubber pad with a soft side as well.

*I use tube socks to make heat packs. My husband taught me this one and honestly I love mine more than ones I have bought. Fill the tube sock with rice and tie the end off. If you'd like to sew the end off I'd wait until you use it once or twice so the rice spreads out enough to become soft to form around you. Just stick it in the microwave for a few minutes at a time and it will hold the heat for a while and of course it is re-useable.

*You can also make a travel pillow with a tube sock. Like the heat pack fill it with rice and try it for comfort. Once you get it the way you like you can sew a piece of fabric together and slide it in to make it look a little cuter if your going to use it outside of the house. If your not the best at sewing just sew it up the side with the fabric inside out so the stitching doesn't show and tie the ends off with ribbons.

*Old socks can easily be turned into stuffing for old toys or pillows that need a little extra fluff. Heck, you can probably start a new project and use them in replacement of stuffing. Experiment first with if you like the way it feels/looks with it cut into pieces or left in whole.

*You can fold and cut socks (and if you want to make it really nice sew it) up to fit under the the legs of your furniture (so they can't be seen) and stick them under so they don't scratch up your hardwood floors or slide around (which my sofas always do). Also, they can just be stuck straight under the legs of a sofa to move it around the room and not damage the floor while your figuring out how you want to rearrange things.

*You can make car seat strap pads out of a couple of socks layered. My kids always complain about how the strap annoys them. Just sew them together in a couple of places and cut the ends off to slide them on. If you want to get creative and make them look nice you can dye them, cover them ect. This works great for car seats and children in boosters as well as any other selt belt in the car that is uncomfortable and digging into your neck.

*If your short like me you can stick the sock on a ruler or something else long and secure it with a rubber-band. Once you do that you can reach the corners of your rooms for cob-webs or any other small hard to reach places.

*You can stick a tube sock over your swiffer instead of buying the refills.

*Tube socks can sewn together and stuffed with extra socks or rice to use as a draft protector to stick at the bottom of  your doorways.

*Dog toy! Stick a tennis ball in the bottom of a tube sock and tie off. Its a great way to play fetch and tug of war with your dog.

*Socks are great for throwing messy kid's things in like chalk. I hate that chalk always gets all over everything!

*You can make a sock blanket. Cut socks into strips. Either dye the strips or keep them the way they are. Then weave them together. I've also heard you can make rugs out of them.

*Make a rifle rest bag. Fill it up with rice and tie it off. Use it to steady the fore-end of your rifle at the shooting range. You can also use another to put under the stock and to improve your accuracy.

Tomorrow I am making a post on how to recycle socks to use in old clorox cleaner containers and a home-made recipe to go along with it!

So there are all the cool things I've been doing with socks or found on socks. Eventually I will try them all.


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